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Founded in the year of 2006, Shenzhen Miao Technology Co., Ltd is committed to providing solutions to PCB, PCBA and electronic products for customers. We have the ability to undertake  complete and complex projects, complete works of all or most of the links in the value added chain and provide high added value products for customers. Our business scope covers product design, technology development, mass production and mass delivery of finished products that can satisfy customers.

We can undertake high end SMTpaster, R&D of electronic products, OEM manufacturer. The company is constantly innovating and optimizing its equipment. Now we have 16 paster lines of Japanese YAMAHAYS series, 8 paster lines of PHILIPSAX series and YAMAHA global fast, precise and accurate YSM40R mounting machine that can paste 200,000 dots per hour. At the same time, we have machine perimeter automation equipment, such as automatic upper and lower loader, automatic printer, online SPI, AOI, automatic first parts tester, American FLEXTRONICS hot air reflow, X-RAY and other automation equipment with daily capacity 40 million points. We can process various electronic components, QFP, BGA, special-shaped components( minimum component 01005, minimum pitch 0.3MM) and our product quality have been recognized by customers. 


No. 4 Building No. 29 Duxi Road, Longxi Village Longgang Street Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong 

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